"Bouncy Demo" - 128kbps MP3 - 3.01MB - Poprockish

Recorded in the Spring of '04 with the Jem77BFP through a shortly owned Yamaha DG Stomp. From the Stomp, the signal went right out into my Audigy 2 soundcard, then into the computer where I am using Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro. Bass is my G&L through a Studio Projects VTB-1 mic pre. Notice the structure is totally off, and the playing is sloppy. The hallmarks of a good demo.

"Soft And Safe" - 128kbps MP3 - 3.20MB - Ambientindiecountry

An impromptu jam with some friends. Jammed on the basic tune for 4-5 minutes, miced ourselves up, then hit the {REC} button. A basement and an 8-Track can be fun late at night. My friend Andy is playing a Seagull12-string acoustic (Right channel), I'm playing the Ibanez RGT3120 through a Rivera M60 4x10 (Left channel), and good 'ole Dave is playing an old school Fender Bullet through a blackface Bassman (Bright guitar). Messy and spontaneous, but captured the moment.

"Turbulent Dreams" - 192kbps MP3 - 4.71MB - Shreddymasturbation

In 2003, I finally got computer recording software and one of those Oktava MK319 mics. I also happened to be into crazy loops. Something like this was bound to happen. That's my former Jem7DBK going through a Danelectro FabTone into a Fender DeVille 2x12. The acoustic is a Yamaha CPX 15-S, DI into an ART V3.

"Time To Let You Go" - 160kbps MP3 - 3.2MB - Sappy Acoustic Fun

This is a cover of Paul Gilbert's cover of Enuff Z'Nuff's 'Time To Let You Go'. In February of 2004 I figured it was time to learn how to record acoustics properly with an LDC, not DI. So I mic-ed my CPX-15S (Left Channel) and since destroyed Washburn (Right Channel) for dual acoustic trackage. This was also a first time for me recording vocals at home - the last time I sang on tape was... oh geez... 1995? Not so much a cover-song as an exercise in learning how to get good sounds on my hard-drive.

"The Hampster Song" - 256kbps MP3 - 8.3MB - Hooray for Casette 4-Tracks

Summer of 1993 before Sophmore year of college. A borrowed Tascam 4-Track Casette Recorder, a Marshall 8240, an '83 Fender Tele Elite, and parents away on some trip. This is the shit you come up with at 3AM under those circumstances. Loosely based on the life and times of my roomate's hampster. Note: can you tell I just discovered 'tapping'? Annoying, isn't it?

"Round Flat Stones" - 160kbps MP3 - 6.25MB - Magic of the Infinite Repeat

Recorded sometime in Summer of 2004 in my friend Andy's living room. Andy on acoustic, Dave on bass, and me on electric. Another one of those "Hey, just hit record and go" moments. Used the same gear as in the "Soft And Safe" track. During playback, I started randomly soloing and that devious bastard Andy started recording without my knowledge. Lot's of fun... um... 'jazz notes'... there are no wrong notes, right? Keys were invented for a reason.

Many more things to come... and so much junk archived all over the place! Webspace is limited, so over time I'll circulate things around in here. And hopefully it will motivate me to record new things to replace some of these embarassments :)