The pedals I’ve owned in the past several years, to the best of my knowledge!
Items in Red are on the pedalboard. Items in Blue are still owned but not on the board.


OD / Distortion


AMT Fatal Tube

Analogman King of Tone v.4

Antelope FX Lovelight (Gold Bar edition)

Aphek Sunday Driver

Barber LTD

                Silver LTD             

                Direct Drive

BJF Honey Bee

                Baby Blue Overdrive

                Emerald Green Distortion Machine

Blackout Effectors Mantra (black on black)

Boss DS-1

Carl Martin Plexitone (Single)

Catalinbread SFT

                Silver Kiss (proto #3)

Silver Kiss Mk.1

                Silver Kiss Mk.2 AE

                WIIO #25 (w/ ‘Blackface mod’)

                WIIO #33

CheeseBlocks Effects Scream Cheese 2.0 (polished)

Clark / Barber Gainster

Cusack Screamer

Danelectro Fab Tone

Dr. Scientist The Elements

Emma ReezaFRATzitz (reboxed as the Black Adder)

Friedman BE-OD

Fromel Death Is Gain

Gaspedals Carb (v2)

H.B.E. Power Screamer (Checkered!)

Hermida Mosferatu

Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto Deluxe

Fetto C-Luxe

                Fetto Custom


Ibanez Tube King

Kozmo X2 Overdrive

Lovepedal Eternity (burst)

                Eternity (Roadhouse)

Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD

Menatone Kar Krash 7 Knob PTP

King of the Britains 6 Knob

                King of the Britains 7 Knob

                Menawatt – Custom Shop (Benawatt)

                Red Snapper PTP

                Red Snapper PCB

                Red Snapper (new small box)

                Blue Collar (new small box)

                Fish Factory PCB

                Fish Factory – Custom Shop #30

                Workingman’s Blue 6 Knob

MI Audio Tube Zone v3

Nick Greer Batch O’ Ass II

                Tone Smuggler

OKKO Diablo

Paul Cochrane Timmy

Pedaldoctor 4-Speed Overdrive

Pedalworx Cactus Crunch (v1)

Shannon Helios

SPF Red Threat

Skreddy Top Fuel

                Screw Driver

Station Audio Sparkle Punch              

Subdecay Stupid Box

Suhr Riot – Black - Limited Edition #420

                Riot (standard)

Tech 21 XXL

Toadworks Death Rattle v.2

Visual Sound Jekyl & Hyde

Wampler SLOstortion

Xotic Effects

                AC Booster (old switch & new switch)

                AC Plus

                BB Preamp

Zinky True Grit

ZVex Box of Rock (Myrold)





Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe (custom)

Basic Audio Tri/Ram (custom)

BJF Pink Purple Fuzz (Grape Vine Fuzz)

Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh (‘Evil’ in Stealth Black)

Catalinbread Ottava Magus

D*A*M Ram Head (#9) (#27)

                Ram Head Small Box #9 in White


FoxRox Octron

FuzzHugger FX Algal Bloom

Monsterpiece NPN

MooseTone FX Moose Face (#1!)

Paul Trombetta Design Mini-Bone v2

Psionic Audio 3.14

Skreddy Pink Flesh


Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz





BJF Sea Blue EQ

MI Audio Boost ‘n’ Buff

Moollon Signal Boost

Nick Greer Royal Fromage (small casing)

                Royal Fromage (large casing)

OftenFX Meta Driver #10

Spaceman Effects Mercury III (Copper, #9 of 10)

Station Audio Sparkle Punch

Suhr Koko Boost (ReLoaded)

Xotic Effects EP Booster

RC Booster

ZVex Box of Rock (Myrold)

Phaser / Vibe


Akai Intelliphase

Bob Sweet MoFaux

BYOC Phase Royal

DNA Analogic Purple Phase

GNI Phaser Flanger (PHF)

HBE Psilocybe

Maxon PH350 (reboxed as the FunkHaus)

Moonphase Moonphaser (UK)

MXR Phase 95

Option 5 Destination Phase

Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phase

                Moon Phase         

Retro-Sonic Phaser

Shanon Phaser

SIB! Mr. Fazeadelic

Sobbat Phase Breaker II



Analog Man Bi-Chorus w/ Deep switch

Analog Man Clone Chorus w/ Deep switch

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus

Fulltone Choralflange

Visual Sound H2O (for the chorus)




GNI Phaser Flanger (PHF)

Maxon FL-9 Flanger

MXR Micro Flanger

Strymon Orbit

Subdecay Quantum Starlight


Delay / Looper


Boss DD-6 Delay (Analogman Hi-Cut mod)

Boss DD-7 Delay

DOD DFX9 Delay

FreakshowFX Digilog

Hardwire DL-8 Delay / Looper

Malekko E600 Bright (in Silver)

Strymon Brigadier

Strymon El Capistan

Strymon TimeLine

TC Electronic Alter Ego (Flashback PGS edition)

TC Electronic Ditto

Visual Sound H2O (for the delay)

ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky





Dr. Scientist Reverberator

Neunaber Wet Reverb (v2)

Strymon Blue Sky

Walrus Audio Fathom





Automagic Silver Machine Wah

Dunlop Crybaby

Morley Bad Horsie

                Bad Horsie II (2006 version)

                Mark Tremonti Wah

Teese RMC 2

ZVex Wah Probe



Pitch Shifter


Digitech Ricochet





Biyang TR-8

Demeter Tremulator

Diaz Tremodillo

Dr. Scientist Tremolessence

Frantone Vibutron

Hardwire TR-7

Kaden Fluttertone

Menatone Pleasure Trem

Red Witch Pentavocal

Sioux Guitars Truck Stop Tremolo

Tone City Tremble

VFE Old School





BJF Pine Green Compressor




Eventide H9 MAX

Keeley Super Mod Workstation




Korg DT-10

Peterson Strobostomp

Peterson Strobostomp II

Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST122

Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-200